Flax and Honey Banana Bread

I had a bit of a panic moment yesterday.  When I came home after running errands with the two kids, I realized that I did not return with everything that I left the house with.  No, I didn’t leave a child behind…just my laptop.  I am still hoping that it is at one of the places we stopped at, but will not know until later this morning when they open.  I’ve been very forgetful and distracted lately…perhaps exhaustion kicking in?  Despite the anxiety about losing my computer and feeling like an idiot, I realized that my problem is very trivial compared to the loss and trials that many people are enduring on the East Coast.  My prayers are with the families who have lost their loved ones, homes, and who are still without power.

Halloween was a big hit for Malia this year, after she realized that trick or treating involves getting a ton of candy!  Not so much for Ryan, who can’t eat candy, and was subjected to being put in an elephant suit way too big for him 🙂  If you are looking for ways to donate your candy, check out Operation Gratitude.  They put together care packages for our troops overseas!  Your local dentist may also be participating in their Halloween BuyBack Program.

I know I already professed my love for this banana bread, but here’s another for when you’re looking to make something that is really good for you and the kids (if you have any!)  This recipe has no added refined sugar.  The sweetness comes completely from the bananas and honey.  Plus, you get the added bonus of omega 3’s and fiber from the ground flaxseed!  This was actually my first time baking with flaxseed, and I was pleasantly surprised…it adds a great nutty flavor and crunch!

It’s really easy to make, especially if you have a helper!  I gave her a spoon, and she said, “Mommy, I need a whisk”.  I have a little baker on my hands!  WHISK together the bananas, milk, oil and honey in one bowl.  Then, in another bowl combine the flours, baking powder, flaxseed, cinnamon and salt.

Mix the dry into the wet ingredients and stir just to combine.  Pour into a greased loaf pan and sprinkle with ground flaxseed.  Bake at 350 F for 40-50 minutes, making sure not to over bake as your bread will not be as moist.

This would also be great as muffins when you need to grab a healthy breakfast or snack, and it won’t give you that sugar crash.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Flax and Honey Banana Bread

Adapted from Whole Foods

3 medium bananas, mashed

2 T canola oil

1/2 cup milk (I used 1%)

¼ cup honey

½ tsp vanilla

1 cup all purpose flour + ½ cup whole wheat flour (or you could do 1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour or white whole wheat flour)

3 T of ground flax, divided

1 T baking powder

1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon

¼ tsp kosher salt

Whisk bananas, oil, milk, honey and vanilla together.  Stir together dry ingredients, using 2 T of flaxseed, reserving 1 T to sprinkle over the top.  Mix the dry ingredients into the wet and stir just to combine.  Pour into a greased 8×4 loaf pan and sprinkle remaining 1 T of flaxseed over the top.  Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes.

How was your Halloween?

Any favorite ways for using ground flaxseed?

A woman saw me buying the flaxseed at the store and said that she sprinkles it on top of her salads, great idea!


24 thoughts on “Flax and Honey Banana Bread

    • Ooh, I love Butterfinger bars too! We didn’t get so many of those this year. I’m having to limit myself to one piece a candy a day, otherwise I’m going to go into sweets overload 🙂

      • Haha, there really isn’t, is there? 🙂 Except maybe for toddlers…we missed Halloween last year because we were in Ethiopia, and my mother-in-law let Malia eat as much candy as she wanted! This resulted in Malia staying up jabbering away in her bed until 2 AM before she finally konked out…she’s super sensitive to sweets and chocolate 🙂

  1. Malia is so photogenic! And I love that she’s getting into baking…pretty soon she’ll be separating eggs, zesting lemons, and tempering chocolate, haha! Ryan looks cute in his saggy, baggy elephant costume. 🙂

    • OMG, I totally forgot about the saggy, baggy elephant! We used to read that all the time when I was a kid. You brought back fond memories for me, thanks 🙂

      Malia just started peeling carrots for me yesterday…I was a bit nervous, but she did great! It’s so fun being in the kitchen with her 🙂

  2. i hope you find your laptop. when i find myself forgetting things or feeling flustered (or getting into car accidents!) it’s usually a sign that i’m trying to do too much. i’m still trying to learn how to set lower expectations of myself. instead of asking, what is on my to-do list today? i’m trying to ask myself, what is not really necessary on my to-do list today?

    • That’s a great idea, Liz! I am totally a list maker, and often have to postpone things for days/weeks until they can get done. I don’t feel bad about it anymore, as long as they eventually get done 🙂

      I was totally distracted because I was trying to carry Ryan in his carseat in one hand, and get Malia to follow me with the other (she was throwing a tantrum). I must have set it down somewhere during that time, and forgotten to pick it back up.

  3. Oh gosh, hope you find your lap top. Does it have a tracker thingy in it?
    Your kids are just so precious, I remember baking with my mom when I was about that same age. 😀 I used Pinterest to keep your recipe..

    • Keli, I’m so glad you said that because my father-in-law had the same idea! It actually does, but since the computer is offline, I can’t find it. I was able to lock it remotely, so that no one can use it unless they have my passcode.

      That is wonderful that you remember baking with your mom, I’m hoping Malia will have fond memories of us cooking together in the kitchen 🙂

  4. Jeez, those children of yours are so cute (I sound like a broken record but can’t help it). We made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed (minor, very minor bruising), after experiencing an earthquake the week before. My heart and prayers also go out to all those caught in the path of the hurricane. She certainly caused a lot of heartache and tragedy. I’ve been skeptical about using flax seed because I really don’t know what it tastes like, but might give it a try.

    • Carol, I’m so glad to hear that you made it through safely! These natural disasters are quite frightening.

      I was nervous about trying flaxseed too, but it’s actually quite tasty, kind of nutty. If I didn’t add it as a topping, I don’t think I would have detected it in the baked good. Let me know if you try it!

  5. I haven’t even gotten around to making your other banana bread and now you share this one. Ahhh, I’m so behind on my baking! Now I have such a hard decision as to which one I should make first bc they both sound sooo good 🙂

    • You are so cute, Leah! I would make the original first, that’s still my hands down favorite 🙂 This one is great for when you feel like being really healthy.

      I have a reading list a mile long with recipes that I want to try too!!

  6. Oh no! I hope you found your laptop! I’m so glad you guys had such a fun halloween! Malia looks so happy and Ryan seems confused hehe..why am I in an elephant costume?
    I was supposed to go to my friend’s costume party..but then I realized I didn’t fully follow the directions for my paper that was due the next day..boo..But it’s all good now whew. I LOVE this recipe, Maura! I actually made pumpkin granola earlier today and what do you know? I added flaxseeds also! They also protect against breast cancer which is what I wrote my paper on. They’re so versatile. YOu can sprinkle them on top of oatmeal, salad, breads, smoothies…
    Hope you’re having a blessed Saturday!! Miss you…

    • I did find it!! It was at the first place we stopped. Thank God that the woman at the front desk noticed that I brought it in, she set it aside in a safe place for me 🙂

      Oh, I’m so sorry you missed out on your friend’s costume party, but I’m glad you got your paper sorted out!! What is upcoming this week?

      Haha, I was thinking of you as I added the flaxseed 🙂 Pumpkin granola sounds amazing! I just made some pear and apple crisp today and threw some in the crisp topping, I love using it!

      Miss you, Min! Let me know how I can be praying for you!

  7. oh no! did you ever find the laptop? it’s seriously mommy-brain. i have a severe case of it also. i hope it fell into the hands of a really kind stranger and it makes its way back to you soon. malia is getting so big and keeps getting prettier and prettier. and ryan, haha… what a cute elephant!

    • I did find it, I left it at Gymboree! I’m so thankful that someone nice kept it safe for me – was lucky this time! No more taking the computer out of the house, at least until I start getting some more sleep 🙂

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