Homemade Basil Salt

I have so much basil in my garden.  This coming from a girl who killed pretty much every plant I ever touched!  My secret…The Grow Box.  It’s essentially a two piece box with water in the bottom compartment and soil/plants in the top.  The water gets wicked upwards by the soil and feeds the plants.  You fill the bottom compartment with a lot of water, so you don’t have to remember to water it very often…perfect for us absentminded types…I’m only speaking for myself here 🙂  I’ve had so much success with the basil that I’ve made lots of skinny pesto and now this basil salt!

I love how versatile and delicious this basil salt is!  You can use it pretty much wherever you would normally like basil.  My favorite ways are to sprinkle it on top of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, add it to my pizza, pasta or roasted potatoes, or mix it with some softened butter to make a basil butter.  One of my friends put it on her corn on the cob and said it was quite delicious!

All you have to do is put equal parts kosher salt and packed basil leaves into a food processor and let it go until it is all incorporated.  I love how the salt takes on this vibrant green color.  Then pour it out onto a parchment lined baking sheet and place in a 225 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, stirring once half way through.

Then, allow it to cool and place it back into the food processor.  Process the mixture until it becomes very fine.  And there you have it, your very own basil salt!  This would make a unique and delicious holiday gift or hostess gift.  Just put in a pretty glass jar or cute tupperware and label it with some ideas for how to use it!  I’m thinking Christmas gifts with the green salt and a red ribbon around the glass, but it would be a great gift all year round 🙂

Homemade Basil Salt

From Food Network

1 cup kosher salt

1 cup packed basil leaves

Put the salt and basil leaves into a food processor and process until the ingredients are just incorporated and the salt has taken on a green color.  Pour it out onto a parchment lined baking sheet and place in a 225 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, stirring once halfway through.  Allow the salt to cool, then place back into the food processor and process until the mixture is quite fine.

What are some of your favorite homemade gifts?

Any fun weekend plans?

We’re going to a friend’s house, carving pumpkins, watching Notre Dame football (this week will be our biggest challenge yet!), and going to a birthday party 🙂


30 thoughts on “Homemade Basil Salt

  1. This is awesome – I love your suggestion or giving it away as holiday gifts, especially because it’s pretty and festive! I bet it tastes delicious. Do you know if the Grow Box can be used indoors?

  2. Oh Maura, what a unique gift idea! I am always at a loss, as I’m sure others are, as to what I can give to a few folks on my list … now … problem solved. I’m a thief! Love this.

  3. This totally just opened up a whole new world of Christmas gift possibilities! Love this! I think this is probably very addictive – and on tomatoes and fresh mozz? Yes!!!!

  4. That’s awesome! I also love that you confessed your secret, the grow box. I have only attempted growing basil once (and failed miserably) so I’m totally going to have to buy one of those. The salt is so pretty too — what a great gift that would make! =)

  5. This would make SUCH a cool homemade gift for Christmas!! I haven’t ever really heard of anything like this, but it sounds delicious and a great use for all of the basil I have on hand! I’m amazed that I’ve been able to keep mine alive too – I don’t normally have a green thumb 🙂 I’m going to have to check out the Grow Box!

    • I’m so happy your basil is doing well!! How are your other herbs doing? The Grow Box is helpful if you travel or aren’t home regularly, so you don’t have to worry about asking people to water your plants 🙂

      • My rosemary is doing well too, I’m happy to report!

        I’m a little worried about them now that the temperature is dropping. And now I’m kind of hooked on making pesto all the time! Hopefully they survive the winter!

      • Yours are indoors, so hopefully they will survive! I think rosemary is really hardy, so that one has a good chance 🙂 If not, you can start over again in the spring with more basil plants!

    • You are so sweet, Jessi! I feel like my photography still has a long way to go. From my amateur experience, I first try to find a place in my kitchen that gets good natural light. I don’t shoot pictures with flash because I don’t like how it yellows the photo. I’ve found that certain times of the day are best for taking photos in my kitchen, so I try to stage my photos then. I really don’t do much staging like other bloggers do, but I’m thinking of starting to buy some “props” and making my pictures more interesting. I recently took a photography class for taking pictures of our kids, but the one comment I got was not to be afraid to get in close…ever since then I’ve been shooting more close up shots and using that setting on my camera (the flower one). See I really am an amateur, haha! My next step is to buy a white board to help reflect light onto my food, and maybe create a light box so that I can photograph things at night (there are lots of videos on youtube for how to make your own light box). Hope this helps!!

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