Weekend Fun and Couch to 5K Plan

We had a great weekend!  On Sunday, we took the kids to a pumpkin patch…yes, a pumpkin patch in Hawaii 🙂  The drive out to Waimanalo is one of my favorites on Oahu.  It was raining, and we saw not only a rainbow, but a double rainbow in the sky!

There is so much natural beauty on this island, and I am so thankful for these moments when I get to appreciate it!

Malia had such a good time at the pumpkin patch!  It was at a farm that grows mostly corn…they bring the pumpkins in from another farm on the island and put them in a big dirt field.  She picked out this one, and one more for baby Ryan, who slept through the whole experience 🙂


The best part though was the train ride through the patch 🙂  I loved the look of joy on her face during the entire ride!

In other news, I decided to start a couch to 5K program!  I haven’t done much exercise since Ryan was born, so I’m definitely starting from “the couch” 🙂  I mainly did yoga during pregnancy, so I figured I would start out slow and build up again with running.  I’m really excited about this and looking forward to exercising three times a week again!  I know many of you are experienced marathon runners, but if any of you want to do this program with me, please comment and we can encourage each other!!  Thanks to Jessi from Doctorate Housewife for this inspiration 🙂

There’s also a free mobile app, so you can keep track of your progress on your phone!  It will even let you know when you should start walking and running!

I’m doing this not only for the physical benefit, but also for the mental health benefits of exercise!  It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with taking care of two little ones, and I’m hoping that a little exercise will help my body and mind.  I’m committing to working out for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, for the next 8 weeks.  Anybody with me? 🙂

Have you ever done a couch to 5K or other similar type of program?  

What is your favorite way to exercise?

I used to absolutely hate running when I was growing up (I was a swimmer), but now I find it very enjoyable.  The longest distance I’ve ran was a half marathon in Hawaii.  I also like to walk, do yoga, and swim.


27 thoughts on “Weekend Fun and Couch to 5K Plan

    • Thanks, Kristen! We had so much fun, this is the first time that Malia has really gotten excited about Halloween 🙂 Can’t wait for your little one to have his/her first Halloween!

  1. For the last two summers, I’ve been doing the C25K program. I’ve never finished it but it’s really good! One of these days I should probably look into getting some exercise.

  2. I can’t wait start running again!!! I love running outdoor, maybe favorite workout. I did a half marathon two years ago and enjoyed the whole training process. I haven’t done any running since I got pregnant, I’m sure I lost my endurance so this 5k training plan seems a great way to start! so I’d love to join you once I’m cleared from the doctor in 3.5 weeks.

  3. Yay, rock on you! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Btw, I never imagined a pumpkin patch in Hawaii. Your kids are so cute with their pumpkins, shorts, and sunglasses. Have fun carving =)

    • Yeah, it was a little surreal going to a pumpkin patch when it still feels like summer!

      I did day 1 of the program on Saturday, and I actually got achy all over right afterwards and then had an intense headache that lasted all day! I walked yesterday and today, and am feeling much better, so I’m going to start jogging again tomorrow 🙂

      • Oh no! The headache sounds awful. I’m glad you’re feeling better. And well done for pushing through. I promise it gets easier!

  4. Wow! What a magnificent sight! Thank you for snapping a picture of the gorgeous rainbow and sharing it with us! Last week I read about its significance in Genesis. It was so incredulous that I wrote it down in my journal. In Genesis 13, God makes a covenant with Noah that he will never again send down such as destructive as the one Noah experienced and that a rainbow will be visible after a rain as a sign that God will keeps his promises. I had NO idea! Truly amazing!

    Aww..Malia looks so excited! And hopefully Ryan will get to experience it more next year ;).

    And your couch to 5K sounds perfect! Good for you! You’re absolutely right! Not only will it be good for you physically but also mentally and emotionally! So get the endorphins flowing 😉
    As for me, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and going out for brisk walks around the neighborhood with Kona of course hehe.

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  6. Your beaches look amazing… and good on your for doing the couch to 5k plan. I do lots of pilates which I like, and a bit of gym if there is a good TV show I can watch :). You have to find what works for you though, or I’d just never go.

    • I totally agree, if it’s not something I actually enjoy, then I have a really hard time following through! I’ve never tried pilates, but I hear really good things about it…I need to incorporate some kind of strength training in my routine too!

  7. Hi Maura, looks like fun times at the pumpkin patch. We are taking the boys this weekend.
    Exercise always helps you feel better and it is important that you have a little time for yourself. Two little ones can really take up all your time. Your plan sounds great.
    I am training for the Las Vegas Half Marathon. I have never been a runner, so it is tough, but I am up to an 8 mile long run and about 20 miles a week. It has definitely helped with the baby weight I still was hanging on to and is a great break and goal.
    Can’t wait to see you in December!

  8. It RAINS in Hawaii??!!! Seriously? (I’m kidding, I’m kidding!) 😉

    That’s a wonderful rainbow shot and your kids are adorable.

    As for exercise, I like to take classes whenever I can. I like the challenge that the teacher gives me and it’s harder to slack when you’ve got other students to keep you up to speed.

  9. looks like a fun weekend! again, so jealous you live in hawaii! you’ve done a half marathon? well couch to 5k will be a breeze! i did the couch to 5k to train for my first 10k in may. don’t ask me the rational, but it worked out. 😉 i’m doing another 10k in november and i hate running! 🙂

    • isn’t it funny how you can simultaneously love and hate running? congrats on doing a second 10K, that’s awesome! I think the races are so fun. The half marathon in Hawaii was a Divas half marathon, so it was all women, and they gave out tiaras and feather boas at the finish line 🙂 It was a great experience!

  10. I am *just* starting the couch to 5K! Yay! Lets go! I’ve WALKED a mini marathon- but running has never been my thing– just got the iphone app and I’m ready to start it next week. Beautiful pictures by the way– you will be training in sunshine while I run through slush and ice….jealous……

  11. Really nice picture of Waimanalo! That pumpkin patch looks so cute, perfect for little ones! Good luck with the Couch to 5K. I did something similar years ago when I wanted to “learn” how to run. The goal was to run for 20 minutes straight. Same principles, and it worked, I got better each week! You can do it, Maura!

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