Lemon Meringue Pie

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law whipped up this delicious lemon meringue pie when they were here visiting a few weeks ago, and I’m still thinking about it!  I haven’t had a good lemon meringue pie in years, maybe since my childhood when my mom used to make them for us.

I still remember her taking the pie out of the oven and anticipating that first bite.  There’s something so comforting about the light, airy meringue in contrast with the sweet and tart custard, and the buttery crust all in one amazing bite 🙂

Please excuse my night-time photos, but I wanted you all to see the cutaway…isn’t that pie perfection?  Thank you so much, mom and Colleen, for making this for us!  Here is the recipe they used from All Recipes.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!  Last week went by so slowly, but this one has whipped by.  I’m looking forward to watching Notre Dame football with the family tomorrow morning, and hopefully visiting a pumpkin patch on Sunday morning.  Malia is SO excited about Halloween this year!  It’s so cute.  I asked her what she wanted to be, and she immediately said “a butterfly!”  She can’t wait to decorate pumpkins, wear her butterfly costume, and go trick-or-treating!

And this little guy is turning 2 months old on Sunday!   I can’t believe that much time has passed already.  He is still a very sweet, calm baby.  Just in the past week, he’s really started trying to interact with us…making sounds when he sees us and giving us big smiles 🙂  It’s the most wonderful feeling to be on the receiving end of one of his smiles!  Ryan is still waking up every 2-3 hours at night, but sometimes he gives me a 4 hours stretch, so I’m getting a bit more rest.  I have exciting plans for the start of the new week, so look out for that on Monday!

What was your favorite thing that your mom used to cook/bake when you were a kid?

Any fun weekend plans?




23 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Pie

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s a really fun age…they’re just starting to discover the world 🙂

      Ah, pancakes are a good one! If you have a great recipe, please share!

    • It was really yummy! I haven’t had lemon meringue pie in so long, and now I keep craving it 🙂 Actually I’ve been craving lemon desserts…lemon bars, lemon cookies, lemon blueberry cake!

  1. Oh goodness your little Ryan is just so adorable!!! My mom used to make lemon meringue pie and I can’t tell you the last time I tasted one. That has put an idea into my head. Enjoy your day Maura.

  2. Hi, Malia! Hope you had fun watching the game yesterday! Wow that pie looks amazing! It truly is perfect! It must’ve been so fun to be in the kitchen with them! Hello, Ryan! You’re such a handsome baby ;). Thank you for being such a sweet, sweet boy! This week’s going to be really hairy so I’m really dreading it right now…Seriously, the weekends just fly by! Can’t wait to hear about the exciting news tomorrow!

    I was a very fortunate child growing up. My mom is a stellar cook to the point that everyone kept trying to convince her to open up a Korean restaurant. It’s so frustrating though bc I can’t recreate it! I tell her to write down her recipes, but she just gets annoyed. She says, “no need to measure. Just eyeball it.” Sigh…thanks, mom. I’m in the kitchen with her all the time so I can at least see what she does. However, when I make it, it just doesn’t taste the same…boo…

    • Min, I am thinking of you and praying for your week ahead! What do you have going on?

      You are so lucky to have a mom who is an amazing cook! She definitely influenced you, as all of your cooking creations are so creative and flavorful 🙂

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