Skinny Basil Pesto

Happy Friday everyone!  I am SO happy it’s Friday.  It’s been kind of a rough week.  For some reason, I’ve just been feeling a little low this week – perhaps because of lack of sleep and maybe some post-partum blues.  Ryan likes to wake up every 2-3 hours at night to feed, and while I don’t mind at all, I think the cumulative disruption of sleep has finally gotten to me!  I’m hoping that I can get more rest during the daytime, or try to catch up on the weekends.  Also, one of my sweet friends recommended going for a walk or getting some exercise, which I think is a great idea!  My mom is also coming back into town this weekend, so I’m really looking forward to seeing her 🙂

I think basil might be my favorite herb, either that or cilantro.  I love basil pesto, but don’t always love the amount of oil that goes into it.  This recipe from Skinnytaste uses just basil, garlic, cheese (I used romano), and a touch of olive oil.  It’s so simple and really lets the basil and garlic shine through.  I loved it!  It was perfect a top some chicken breasts that I baked in the oven with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella (recipe to come).

My basil plant is growing in abundance (I took this picture about two weeks ago and the plant is literally almost 2-3 times this size now!)  Unfortunately, you can already tell that the cilantro wasn’t doing so well (it died recently), and that poor thyme plant in the back didn’t take to the transplanting into my garden box.  I may have to do some re-planting soon.  I bought most of these herbs for only a $1, which is so much less than I would have paid in store, and we’ve used them in so many recipes!

I tripled the recipe recently, so I would have enough to freeze in small batches for the winter.  Yes, I said winter in Hawaii 🙂  But the basil plant was doing so well that I wanted to make sure I took advantage of it, just in case!  Plus, I bought a huge hunk of Romano cheese at Costco.  It’s so much cheaper than Parmesan, and the flavor is much stronger/pungent.  Interestingly, Malia loves it!  She’ll just eat it by itself with her noodles.  I’m thinking grilled shrimp with pesto this weekend!  That and mahimahi 🙂

Skinny Basil Pesto

From Skinnytaste

1 cup basil

1 garlic clove

1/4 cup grated Romano cheese (or Parmesan)

2 1/2 T olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Process first three ingredients in a food processor until smooth.  Slowly add in olive oil while pulsing.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Store in an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator.  You can also freeze this in small portions (I did ice cube size portions) for later use.

What’s your favorite herb and way to cook with it? 

Any fun weekend plans?


20 thoughts on “Skinny Basil Pesto

  1. Oooh, love this! And I love Skinnytaste. She’s got a lot of great recipes.

    Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about not feeling well. They can help with that. Praying that you get some more sleep and get refreshed soon!

    Oh! And my favorite herb is cilantro. I love to use it in Mexican recipes, like cilantro lime rice.

    • I love skinnytaste too, her recipes are healthy, but with so much flavor!

      Thank you for your prayers! Great idea about talking to my Ob, I definitely will give her a call if things get worse. I’m hoping that being more proactive about getting some sleep will help me to get over this hump…and hopefully Ryan will start sleeping for longer stretches soon! How do you do it with four kids? You’re amazing 🙂

  2. Your garden looks great! I hope you can catch up on rest when you can. Exercise is a good idea, but if you can sleep—go sleep! With all those fragrant herbs, maybe aromatherapy might help, too? Or easy mediation, just to calm & relax your mind. Hope you have fun with your mom! 🙂

    • You are so right, often when I can sleep, I find myself busy in the kitchen or on the computer instead of taking advantage of that time to get some rest. I have to be more proactive about that for sure.

      I love the idea of aromatherapy…I have some essential oils that I could put in a bath 🙂 Meditation is a great idea too…I started doing it while I was pregnant, and it totally relaxed me and put me in a good frame of mind. Thanks for the suggestions, it’s so helpful!

      Hope you have a great weekend!

    • hope you guys have a great weekend too! i think ryan is going through a growth spurt, he was up every hour from 1:30-6:30 last night…but patrick took both kids to the park this morning and i got to sleep in for an hour, kept me going the rest of the day 🙂 so thankful to have a husband who would do that! i know phil would too 🙂

  3. having a newborn is hard specially in term of night sleep. I’m lucky to have a lot of help here so I don’t have to do anything but taking care of my baby. even that, interrupted night sleep is inevitable when breastfeeding. but when I think about how my little baby is getting nourished by myself, I forget about how much I need to sleep. 🙂

  4. This sounds soooo good! I love basil and cilantro – they probably are tied for my favorite herb. I had a lot of trouble with my last baby – getting through the sleeplessness. As it turns out, she’s a really light sleeper. So she would often wake up, and once she wakes up that’s it! She’s up for a while. I’ll be praying for you friend!

    • Thanks, Stephanie! Yes, my daughter was just like that, a very light sleeper. Ryan just likes to wake up to feed or be held, and goes right back to sleep. It’s me that can’t go back to sleep right away, sometimes it’s hard for me to shut my mind off! My husband took the kids to the park on Saturday so I could get some sleep, and that made all the difference. Plus, Ryan did a 4 hour stretch last night, so I am feeling like a new woman 🙂 How many kids do you have Stephanie? Thanks for your support, it’s good to know I’m not alone 🙂

      • Naps are fantastic! We have 5 kids between us, I had 2, he had 2 and together we have 1. They are 17, 15, 12, 8 and 3. So our house is kind of crazy at times! The hardest part for me is switching my mind set from toddler issues to soon to be adult issues (like where to go to college, etc)to preteen emotions to everything else. They keep me on my toes thats for sure! You are definitely not alone!

      • Wow, I give you so much credit…you take care of five kids and keep up with your blog, you’re amazing! I guess you learn from each child and hopefully the older kids can help out with the younger ones 🙂

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