Lemon Blueberry Cake and Shave Ice

This is one of my favorite cakes that I’ve made in a long time!  I’ve already made it twice in the past two weeks.  We’ve eaten it within two days both times 🙂  Patrick said it’s even better than a similar Starbucks version.  The tart lemon combined with the sweetness of the blueberry cake and the glaze, it’s just perfection!

The recipe comes from Simply Scratch, one of my favorite food blogs for recipes.  The batter comes together easily and is so light and beautiful…can a batter be beautiful?  This one is 🙂

I halved the icing that she puts on the top, and it was definitely sweet enough for us, but didn’t have the same thick consistency that hers does.  I also made it with just milk and powdered sugar instead of the buttermilk and it tasted just as good.  Make this for your family and friends and they will love you 🙂

Head on over to Simply Scratch for the recipe!

Since Ryan’s birth, we’ve been trying to give Malia extra one-on-one time.  Patrick and I took her our little sweetie out for a “date”: shave ice at a wonderful place called Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha.  Their syrups are all-natural and homemade…no artificial flavors and you can actually see the seeds in their strawberry syrup!  There are so many flavors I want to try: pineapple, mango, lychee, milk chocolate, kalespin, green tea, acai!  Here is Malia enjoying strawberry and lilikoi (passionfruit) shave ice with Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.  She was thrilled!  What was really sweet was that Malia kept asking where Ryan was, and wishing that he had come with us 🙂

What are some of your favorite coffeeshop or restaurant meals that you’d like to re-create?  

I love the Panera Thai Chicken Salad…it has roasted edamame and peppers, cashews, crispy wontons, chicken with a spicy peanut sauce over crisp romaine lettuce!


23 thoughts on “Lemon Blueberry Cake and Shave Ice

  1. OH yumm! You know I used to bake all the time and now I hardly do…It’s so therapeutic for me..I really need to set aside some time to do so. I just checked out the Simply Scratch blog! Such wonderful recipes! Thanks for sharing! I’m def going to try some of her recipes.
    Ooh..Hawaiian shaved ice is soo good! I’m glad Malia really enjoyed the fun outing! I’d love to recreate the tacos (all of them) from this local taco joint called Torchy’s Tacos. Check out their menu: http://torchystacos.com/food/tacos/. They really know what they’re doing. There’re so many different components that come together beautifully…the flavor just bursts with each bite you take…yummm…

  2. The cake looks delicious! I love blueberries. My parents tried to do the same thing when me and my siblings were kids. Because there was 4 of us, it was hard to get that alone time. I really treasure the memories of “dates” with dad.

  3. ooh, will have to try that shave ice place when we’re in hawaii! looks good! 🙂 malia always looks so joyful, probably because she has such wonderful parents!

    • I think you’ll really like it, there’s no artificial taste to their syrups at all! And the ice cream is so yummy.

      I don’t feel like a wonderful parent most days, but when she smiles, it makes everything better 🙂

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