Love at First Sight

We welcomed our baby boy into the world yesterday.  Much more to come, but here is a first look at Ryan!  He’s such a sweet baby, we are in love 🙂


33 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

  1. Maura!!!!!!! I was getting ready to go to bed and something told me that I should visit you!! ahhhh!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I’m so so happy for you!! He’s…beautiful…

    • Thanks, Min!! We are so happy right now, our joy just gets multiplied when we see how much Malia loves her baby brother too 🙂 Right now, he’s mostly eating and sleeping, with some alert periods in between. I see Patrick so much in him, it’s wonderful 🙂 Hope you are having a great time at HLS!!!

    • Thanks so much for visiting us, that was a great surprise!! The outfits are SO cute, and Malia was so happy with her shirt 🙂 Noah is adorable, we should get together again soon!

      • I couldn’t resist on the Halloween stuff!! They were just too cute. 🙂
        Let me know when you guys are all settled in and everything with Ryan. We can definitely get together!

  2. Oh my goodness he is just absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and your family. He is a joy!!!!! Happy Birthday Ryan!

    • Thanks, Michelle! We’re hanging in there, the team approach has worked well…Patrick spends lots of extra time with Malia and I’m on baby feeding duty 🙂

      So excited for this new adventure and phase of your life too!! It’s awesome that you are following your dream.

  3. congratulations! i got goose bumps reading your entry and seeing his face. newborns are beautiful. enjoy this magical time

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