Food Truck Love

Every Tuesday, a group of food trucks gather near Kaka’ako Park and serve delicious food to the hungry masses 🙂  Since one of my friends started a gelato truck (the pale yellow one in the below picture), we decided to check it out!

We loved these tacos from Camille’s on Wheels…chimichurri fish and spicy pork with cilantro rice and black beans.  I got the grilled salmon with kale and pasta salads…trying to get lots of omega-3s!  The kale salad was delicious, with pine nuts and dried cranberries.  The flaky, perfectly grilled white fish in a delicious chimichurri sauce was my favorite!

Of course we had to stop and pick up Via Gelato (follow @ViaGelato for truck location)!  This time, we tried Fierce Chocolate, Green Tea Haupia, and Banana Lilikoi.  I loved the fierce chocolate, such deep rich chocolate flavor!  The green tea haupia was smooth and creamy, with a perfect balance between the coconut and green tea flavors.  Very innovative, I’m so proud of my friend!  Malia was thrilled to visit a real ice cream truck, she got hers with one of the handmade cones 🙂

I would definitely go back and try some of the other trucks…I’ve got my eye on the Soul truck that served some pretty delicious looking fried chicken and mac and feta cheese.  Subpreme had vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, and Sweet Revenge had homemade savory and sweet mini-pies.  So much goodness and so little tummy space…this baby is taking up more and more room!


11 thoughts on “Food Truck Love

  1. I have never been to a food truck before, but it sounds like a wonderful experience! I’ve also never had gelato before. I really need to remedy that.

  2. oooo I’ve seen that gelato truck by kahala mall one day and really wanted to try but noah was being a crybaby haha. my cousin guys go to kaka’ako sometimes too… girls who bake next door. they’re a dessert truck and it’s bright blue… can’t miss it! they have cupcakes and butter mochi and poi mochi and lemon bars. mmm. but i’ll be on the lookout for the gelato truck again. i’ve always wanted to try the soul truck. heard it’s good! you DEFINITELY gotta try the koi one. their garlic ahi is to die for!

    • Yeah, she’s at Kahala Mall from 3-6 most days. I’m going to have to look out for girls who bake next door, sounds awesome!! I love lemon bars and butter mochi 🙂 Patrick and I wanted to go to the Soul restaurant in Kaimuki, but apparently it just closed…the truck is still around. Where does the koi truck go to? If you are free for lunch on a Tuesday, let me know and we can meet up at Kaka’ako!

  3. Ooh!! You know how much I love food trucks 😉
    I’ve never had chimichurri it spicy? I find it so amazing that such delicious and impressive food can be made from such tiny space? Does haupia mean coconut? I’m a lover of anything green tea! I once had green tea tempura ice cream, and oh man…I was speechless! I’m so happy for your friend, and I wish her all the success she deserves!! Those flavors seem out of this world!

    • I know! The quality of food that comes out of a tiny truck kitchen always amazes me! The food trucks in your area had me drooling 🙂

      The chimichurri sauce was a little spicy, it’s a green sauce made with garlic, parsley, olive oil, sometimes other herbs like cilantro or oregano. I loved it, and have had it one other time on steak, which was also amazing!

      Yes, haupia is made with coconut milk…we’ll have to add that to the list of things to get when you come to Hawaii 🙂 Green tea tempura ice cream sounds awesome!

  4. I’ve heard there are some food trucks in my town, but not sure about the town I’ll be moving to soon for school! I hope there are, because these look great! How cool that your friend has a gelato truck! I’ve actually never even had gelato – but I’m almost positive that I’d love it 🙂

  5. I should’ve taken you some food trucks when you came out to LA – the birth place of the food truck movement! See, another reason why you have to come out in Feb. 🙂

    • Yes!! You’re so lucky to live near so many yummy places 🙂 Will let you know as soon as they come out with the 2013 conference schedule, Patrick said that’s the only educational trip he really wants to do this year, so keeping my fingers crossed!

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