Kona turns 5

Our first “baby” was our little Kona Bear.

He was born on a farm in Virginia belonging to our friend’s family.  They picked Kona out for us, and brought him back to Philly with his brother (we lived next door to them at the time and shared a backyard space).  They were inseparable and so cute together 🙂

Kona has since grown from that little puppy to a 75 pound dog.

He is such an important part of our family, and I can’t imagine our lives without him!  He’s welcomes us home with his kisses and sweet face and reminds us to love the simple pleasures in life: running in big open spaces, a good belly rub, and the importance of cuddling on good days and bad days 🙂
He has moved with us from Philly to Las Vegas to Hawaii.  He’s swam in the Atlantic and now the Pacific Ocean!

If you are moving to Hawaii with a dog, you have to start planning at least six months in advance if you want to avoid the quarantine.  It used to be a mandatory 120 day quarantine (can you imagine?), but they now let you pick your dog up directly from the airport as long as you meet an extensive list of requirements, including shots, bloodwork, microchip, certificates of health, etc.  Please email me if you are in this situation and I will give you all the info we have!

The poor guy had to fly from Las Vegas to Houston to Honolulu, because there were no flights that would get him in at the right time for direct pickup at the airport other than that one!  He had to stay overnight in Houston, and although I had taped his food to the top of his crate as they directed, he arrived with all four bags of food still taped to the top.  He was starving and thirsty when he got to Hawaii, but all in one piece.  Now he just has to survive the mountains of boxes and paper in our house 🙂

And over the weekend he turned five years old!  On his birthday, we took Kona to this beautiful little dog park we discovered just down the hill from where we live.  It has the most gorgeous views of the ocean and Diamond Head.

We like to go there and spread out a blanket, relax and play.  It makes Kona very happy…and us too 🙂


9 thoughts on “Kona turns 5

    • I just thought of you today because we went to Kailua Beach…Seth and Malia would have such a fun time together on the beach 🙂 Can’t wait for your big news next week!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend!

  1. Kona!!! Happy happy birthday!!! Oh, you’re so precious aren’t ya?
    What a trooper he is! Flying to Hawaii is even hard for us..I can’t imagine being in a crate for that long..with no FOOD!! He looks so happy running around the park!! I just LOVE that picture of you two!! Safe in mommy’s arms :). Kona should join the #23paws party!!

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