Homemade Strawberry Champagne Jam

My mom found this recipe for Strawberry Champagne Jam, that is very similar to my mother-in-law’s strawberry jam recipe.  We decided to give it a try this weekend.  I love the brilliant red color that homemade strawberry jam has!  This one has a bit more tartness and complexity from the lemon juice and champagne…it would be perfect on a sweet scone or biscuit with some fresh whipped cream 🙂

Since we moved to Hawaii, I’ve received two jars of jam as gifts!  One is a blueberry jam made by my Aunty Jasmine, isn’t her packaging cute?  And the other is a lilikoi (passionfruit) jam made by a friend of my dad’s.  We can’t wait to try these 🙂

Hope you enjoy and try this at home, it’s totally worth the effort!!

Strawberry Champagne Jam

4 1/2 cups strawberries, crushed

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup dry champagne

1 box pectin (we used Sure-Jell)

7 cups sugar

pat of butter

Sterilize your jars, lids, and bands in boiling water.  We got one large jar, and three small jars from one recipe.

Combine your crushed strawberries, pectin, lemon juice and champagne in a non-reactive pot and heat on high until it reaches a rolling boil (the mixture boils even when you’re mixing it).  Add your sugar and a pat of butter and bring back to a rolling boil, constantly stirring.  Once it reaches a rolling boil, start a timer for 90 seconds and let it boil for exactly that amount of time.  Then ladle into your sterilized jars, wipe clean, and place the lids/bands on.  Place them back into the simmering water to process for 10 more minutes, and lay out on your counter, checking to make sure the lids have sealed (they should not pop when you press down on them).  For a more detailed tutorial, please check out this post!

What is your favorite type of jam/jelly?  

I’m partial to strawberry and apricot.


9 thoughts on “Homemade Strawberry Champagne Jam

  1. I LOVE this, Maura! I’ve never made jam at home..The whole process intimidated me. But your detailed instructions just gave me the courage that I needed :). Can I use frozen strawberries? I bought bunch from Costco couple weeks ago, and froze them to use in smoothies. My fav is strawberry jam because it’s perfect with pb. Love the color, too!

    • My mom used to always make jams and chutneys growing up, but I never made it myself until this year because I was totally intimidated too! Now we can’t go back to store-bought 🙂

      I use fresh strawberries, but I have added frozen strawberries if I didn’t have enough, and it turned out fine, so I think it would work! I would defrost the strawberries first and then measure out. Let me know how yours turns out!

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