Trader Joe’s Favorites – Part 2

Yesterday was a big day for this little blog!  For some reason, I had been quite nervous about sharing this blog publicly with friends and family, but finally got up the courage to post it on my Facebook page.  I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback, thank you so much 🙂

We love Trader Joe’s.  Who doesn’t?  Here are some of our favorites!

Indian Curry Simmer Sauce and Garlic Naan:

You all know about our love for the Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce, and this is another great simmer sauce.  I sauté chicken and broccoli/peas or tofu and chickpeas, add the sauce and water, simmer for 15 minutes and we have a satisfying, quick Indian meal.  The curry sauce has great flavor and packs some heat.  It’s even better served with Garlic Naan and Trader Joe’s Samosas.  This was a frequent meal for our family when we lived in Philly.  Another staple to go with these simmer sauces is their frozen Brown Rice, simply microwave the package for 3 minutes and it’s ready…great for busy people!

Caribbean Fruit Floes:

The perfect post-swimming treat 🙂  These popsicles combine strawberry, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit into one delicious tropical dessert!  I’m not usually a popsicle fan, but I love these!  Other frozen TJ dessert favorites: Joe Joe’s ice cream (TJ’s version of cookies and cream except with their chocolate Joe Joe cookies, SO creamy and rich), mochi ice cream, and mint chocolate chip mini ice cream sandwiches.

Vanilla and Cream/Blueberries and Cream yogurt pack:

These little yogurts are perfectly creamy and sweet.  I always wish the package was bigger 🙂

Other things that I make sure to pick up whenever I’m there: Mediterranean hummus with the original pita chips (in the blue bag).  Speaking of snacks, we also love their blue corn chips, white cheddar corn puffs, organic beef jerky, and honey roasted peanuts.  I could go on and on 🙂  I’m really going to miss Trader Joe’s when we move to Hawaii.  It’s funny because the Trader Joe’s we go to now in Las Vegas actually has a list of top 5 items that Hawaii people buy to take back with them to friends/family when they visit Vegas!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!  We’re going to be packing up our house in preparation for the movers coming next week Friday, eek!

Please share your own TJ’s favorites, I’d love to try some new items!


17 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Favorites – Part 2

  1. We love the cilantro jalapeno hummus, gorgonzola, artichoke spread, hot and sweet cherry peppers, chocolate covered espresso beans, honey sesame cashews, the satay sauce, the 3 buck chuck for sangria… Yum! We are going to Nashville on Tuesday for a concert and heard that they have a TJs. We’ll be stocking up!!! I want to try those fruit floes, but I don’t think they can survive the 2 hour drive. We will bring you TJs when we come visit you in HI! 😉

    • Love it!! I’ve been wondering about those honey sesame cashews, I’ll have to pick up a bag 🙂

      That’s so awesome that you’ll be in Nashville for a concert!! Who’s playing?

      I’m going to hold you to that visit in Hawaii!!

      • Try the cashews in salads with TJs sesame soy ginger dressing. Ridiculous! We’re seeing Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole’ Opry with Eric’s cousins. So excited! And you can definitely count on us to visit you in HI. 😉

  2. Yum! I love that Trader Joe’s sauce . I like the red curry too. I’ve been kind of disappointed with them because they use way to much plastic on other things. Don’t you think?

    Great post!

  3. Maura, thank you so much for posting your recipes. I’m always trying to find quick easy tasty recipes for the family. You’re definitely filling a need!

  4. I have been hesitant to pick up that curry sauce because I’ve heard some of their dressings/marinades are no good but now i think i will 🙂

  5. I love Trader Joe’s! I’ve yet to try the simmer sauces, but I’m definitely going to have to pick one up the next time I’m there. My faves include the following: wasabi roasted sea weed, bagged sugar snap peas, cheap(er) nuts & nut butters, big-bag organic sweet potatoes, butternut squash soup, and cheap(er) wines.

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