Pregnancy Update – 26 weeks

Some days I can’t believe that we’re almost in the third trimester, and then other days I feel like it”s definitely been 26 long weeks 🙂  The best part of the past few months has been feeling our little boy moving around inside…I get lots of kicks, rolls, and punches!  A few weeks ago, I thought the movements felt different and i wondered if he had turned around inside.  This was confirmed at our ultrasound yesterday… baby boy is head down, yay!  He’s also mostly on my left side, which explains why I always feel most of the movements on my left.

Ever since 14 weeks things have gotten a lot better in terms of nausea and reflux.  I’ve actually felt almost normal, with the exception of fatigue towards the end of the day!  I had my first pregnancy leg cramp the other morning, and boy was it painful!  It’s more common in pregnancy to have muscle cramps during your sleep, but I didn’t have this with my first pregnancy.  I woke Patrick up and he thought I was going into labor the way I was carrying on, oops 🙂

I’m starting to get discomfort in my left hip, which makes me nervous because I had terrible sciatica on my left side with my daughter.  My Ob thought she was compressing the nerve, and that it would go away once I delivered, but unfortunately the pain didn’t go away until about 2-3 months after delivery.  I’m thinking of doing prenatal yoga to help with stretching and strengthening, and taking up swimming.  Does anyone have any tips or experience with this?

I have one more doctor’s appointment here before our move, and then I will have to find a new Ob in Hawaii and get established quickly, as it will be less than two months after our arrival that baby boy will be born!  Some people have asked me if it will be okay to fly that late in my pregnancy.  My Ob recommended no flights after 36 weeks, not because it is dangerous to fly, but because they want to prevent the scenario where I go into labor on an airplane…yeah, me too!

Malia knows there is a “baby boy” in mommy’s tummy, today she called him her baby brother!  She really likes meeting other babies, and I was happy to see that she wanted to give one of our friend’s babies a bottle the other day 🙂  I’m hoping she’ll be my little helper!  We haven’t picked a boy’s name yet, although we have a list of about 5 names that we really like.  I have a feeling that we won’t be picking the name until we meet our little guy 🙂  I’m getting really excited about little boy clothes…trucks, dinosaurs, li’l slugger shirts!


13 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – 26 weeks

    • Sarah, my belly totally varied in size at 10 weeks because of bloating…at the end of the day it would be huge! I’m sure you’re a beautiful preggo lady, you need to post a picture 🙂

      • Ooh, I’m so excited I’m able to leave comments now. Not sure why I wasn’t able to before. I’m too embarrassed to take belly pics yet. It’s ridiculous how large I am this time around. But you’re totally right…my belly at the beg of the day vs end of day looks like a diff of a few months of pregnancy! Haha. 🙂

  1. Wow, pregnancy looks great on you! And I’m betting your little girl will LOVE being a big sister. I was the oldest and my sister was born when I was 4 – all I wanted to do was help. Tried changing diapers, wanted to feed her, play “house,” you name it. It’ll be perfect! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence, I hope she’ll be as helpful as you were with your younger sib!! I’m excited to see them playing together…my brother and I had so much fun together when we were younger!

  2. I had terrible sciatica at the end of my pregnancy with Will. I also thought that it would go away on it’s own but it didn’t. The only thing that helped was a chiropractor….and in about two sessions, I was pain free! This time around I am already starting to get sciatic pain on my lower left side…gentle swimming definitely helps and stretching too. Try these exercises, if done consistently, they relieve the pain:

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