Friday Favorites of the Week

Some of my favorites from this week! Fajita salad with pork/zucchini/red peppers in my favorite fajitamarinade.

Served with guacamole of course!

  And our new favorite salsa: peach pineapple salsa from Vons (or Safeway in your area), perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

Sauteed pork chops with Da Salty Lady’s Hawaiian Sea Salt Seasoning.  On the side, a simple salad of fresh corn, tomatoes, basil from our garden, salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Kona being his cute self 🙂

So proud of my brother-in-law for graduating from Creighton’s dental school, congrats Kyle!

The Omaha zoo might be the best zoo I’ve ever been to, even better than the San Diego Zoo in my opinion!  Love this gorilla, king of the mountain!

And of course my favorite little girl 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

What are some of your favorite moments from this week?


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites of the Week

    • Hey Verna! I got it in Hawaii, can I pick some up for you when I’m there in June? You can also order it online from the link, but I think you have to pay $6 in shipping. Let me know what flavor(s) you want 🙂

      • Haha! lucky patrick! he has two lovely ladies cooking for him! Hm, I guess i’ll check the seasoning out the next time I’m there, you don’t have to bother with getting it for me, thanks Maura! 🙂 Maybe they’ll offer it somewhere here sometime soon too!

  1. Those look so fresh and summery! We just made some guac at home the other day and it’s one of my favorite things to prepare from scratch. So easy and so rewarding bc the taste is just amazing. Plus, it can be spread on just about anything. 🙂 Win-win!

  2. oh man! I love me some fajitas!! and you are right, can’t leave out the guac!! And I just realized our dogs have the same name!! Kona!! ANd we named him after our visit to Hawaii =)

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