Review – Barefoot Contessa Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

One of my sweet friends sent me a sampler of Barefoot Contessa mixes (outrageous brownies, coconut cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes) for my birthday.  I love Ina Garten and her show on the Food Network, and so I was really excited to try these mixes!  These chocolate chip cookies were so easy to make and tasted completely homemade…buttery, crispy edges with chewy centers and the best part – huge chunks of decadent chocolate!

The mix could not be simpler…all you need is one stick of softened butter and one egg.  It comes with a packet of dry mix and a packet of chocolate chunks.  Cream the butter slightly, then add 1 cup of the dry mixture.  Add your egg, and the rest of the dry mixture until just combined.  Fold in the chocolate chunks, yum!!

This mix certainly didn’t skimp on the chocolate chunks!  I was so tempted to just eat this cookie dough as is 🙂  I actually still have some in my freezer that I’m saving for when a cookie craving hits.

I decided to refrigerate the dough for several hours before baking, because I think this helps make the best chewy cookies.  Bake at 350 degrees F for 12-15 minutes.  Devour!

My co-workers raved about these cookies!  When I gave one to my 2 year old daughter for dessert, her response was “I love chocolate” 🙂  Uh oh.

Although these mixes are totally overpriced (approx $10 each), you can’t beat the convenience and quality of the ingredients.  This was actually the last of the boxes that I’ve tried.  The red velvet and coconut cupcake mixes were definitely not worth it to me in terms of overall outcome.  She says to make giant cupcakes, but I found they flattened instead of domed on the top, and this made it impossible to remove neatly from the pan.  I ended up having to cut the tops off and then frost them, but it was not pretty.  The outrageous brownies on the other hand, were deliciously rich and dense.

What are some of your favorite time-saving mixes or tricks?


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