Weekend Fun – Chicago!

We had such a great time in Chicago this past weekend!  I really miss living there…except for the cold weather, that part I don’t miss 🙂  We walked past our medical school, and our old apartments (my old apartment is now the new location for Children’s Memorial Hospital!)  We were there for a wedding of one of our medical school friends.  Isn’t this church just amazing?  Patrick and I used to come here on occasion when we lived in Chicago.


This was the organ in the back of the church.  You can barely see them, but they had a violinist and a trumpet player up there as well.

I love weddings!  I always look at the groom as the bride is coming down the aisle…it’s so wonderful to see the look of love and joy on their faces 🙂  Here we are all dressed up for the reception at the Four Seasons.  They had an amazing live band…we had fun dancing the night away and catching up with old friends!


The next day, the newly married couple had arranged for us to watch a Cubs game from a rooftop skybox.  It was amazing!  The skybox is essentially a house located right behind right field, where they have built bleacher seats onto the rooftop so you can watch the game.  They also have unlimited food and drink.  The game was delayed about 3 hours due to rain, but we were nice and dry in the house, enjoying burgers and brats and spending time with friends.

Eventually the clouds lifted and we got to enjoy the game!  We stayed for 7 innings and then had to leave for the airport, but the Cubs did win in extra innings!  The newly married couple had jerseys printed with their last names on the back, so cute!  It was such a great idea to have another event where out-of-town guests could get together and have more time to sit and chat with them 🙂


At Midway Airport, we had to stop and grab a Potbelly’s sandwich before getting on the plane.  Are any of you Potbelly’s fans out there?  We love it, and while we could still get it when we lived in Philly, there are no locations in Las Vegas.


I had their grilled chicken and cheddar with lots of lettuce, tomato, pickles and hot peppers on the side.  Patrick likes the Wreck that has salami, roast beef, turkey, and ham with swiss cheese.  They’re freshly toasted sandwiches that are just delicious!  You have to try their mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and their smoothies/shakes too!


It was such a great trip, but our flight was delayed and we didn’t get back into town until after 1 AM, so we are really exhausted.  Totally worth it though 🙂  I will be back with more recaps of some of the good eats we had in Chicago!

Do you have any restaurants that you miss from cities you used to live in?  

What are your favorite parts of weddings?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Fun – Chicago!

    • Thanks! I bought it at a little maternity store in Honolulu. The weird thing was that I knew I had to have it hemmed when I tried it on in Hawaii, but when I took it to a seamstress in Las Vegas, the length was perfect! I thought maybe it was because my bump had grown. But, in Chicago it was too long again! We thought maybe the changes in humidity affect the fabric? Hope you and DeMark are doing well!!

    • So glad to have found a fellow potbelly’s lover 🙂 I wish we lived closer to each other, it’d be so much fun to hang out with our girls, and being due almost on the same day for baby #2!!

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