Healthy Chocolate Cake

This is a great cake for your kids and for yourself when you’re having a chocolate craving!  The secret is grated zucchini and applesauce, and before you write it off, give it a try…you absolutely can’t taste the vegetables in it 🙂  At around 100 calories per slice, it’s a guilt free treat and a sneaky way to treat your kids while also getting some veggies in them!

This recipe comes from Yammie’s Noshery, and I knew I had to try it after reading the rave reviews.  Combine dry ingredients: whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and cocoa powder.  Add in eggs, applesauce, grated zucchini, and chocolate chips.  I love having my little helper in the kitchen!

Now pour it into a greased bundt pan or better yet, muffin or mini-muffin pans to make cupcakes for your little ones 🙂  Yammie has a cupcake variation on her website topped with a peanut butter frosting, that I think would be amazing!  I sprinkled mine simply with powdered sugar, but you could do a powdered sugar glaze and melted peanut butter on top.

This was really yummy and I hope you give it a try!  Check out Yammie’s Noshery for the recipe, and her cupcake variation here.

Do you have any favorite recipes for kids?  I’d love to get some new ideas!


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