Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ

We were in the neighborhood, and in the mood for BBQ!  Lucille’s did not disappoint.  The restaurant itself is huge and absolutely kid friendly.  We arrived around 7 pm on a Sunday night and only had to wait 25 min for a table.  It was very encouraging that there were so many people eating here!  When we were seated, our server immediately brought us some warm biscuits with apple butter.


We devoured our biscuits as we looked through the menu.  They have an extensive children’s menu and even kid-sized versions of their desserts for only $1.50 each.


I really felt like eating BBQ chicken, so I opted for the BBQ chicken sandwich – two grilled chicken breasts topped with melted cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, fried onion straws and baby lettuce on a french roll.  How can you go wrong?  I’m always attracted to entrees where fried onions are added on top 🙂  In my eagerness to eat that delicious sandwich, I totally forgot to take a picture of it!  But you can see a picture of it here on Lucille’s website.

Patrick got the pulled pork sandwich, and really enjoyed it.  He ordered a side of their southern braised greens, which we had to send back because they tasted fishy.  Our server was very nice and brought us sweet potato fries instead!  And although we were only going to order one kid dessert for Malia, it turned into three desserts!  We initially ordered the kids banana pudding, but this ice cream sundae came out instead.


I don’t think she minded 🙂  Then the banana pudding came out, and we decided to order a small portion of their bread pudding.  I absolutely love bread pudding, and can’t resist ordering it when I see it on a dessert menu.  This is Lucille’s version with peaches, pecans and a warm bourbon sauce.


Patrick really liked this bread pudding, I thought it was just okay.  Same for the banana pudding.  Maybe I was just to full at that point to enjoy them, but the flavors just didn’t wow me.  Overall though, I loved the atmosphere at the restaurant and I would definitely go back for more of their BBQ!

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ

2245 Village Walk Drive, Henderson NV 89052



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