Pregnancy update – 17 weeks


The baby bump has officially arrived!  I guess I must be showing, because I had my first encounter where a stranger noticed that I am pregnant!  She didn’t even ask if I was pregnant, she just stated it…such confidence!  I’m always nervous to assume that someone is pregnant, even when they look pretty far along.  Also, sometimes women have just had a baby, but still have the baby bump (been there!).  In any case, it’s great to share the news with people!

t am loving the second trimester so much more than the first!  My energy has increased and the nausea/reflux have decreased.  I’m starting to feel much stronger kicks from our little one, especially in the evenings during my nighttime snack.

It’s so exciting to know that in just two weeks, we will find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!  Patrick and I have talked about whether either of us has a preference, and we really don’t.  It would be exciting to have a boy since we have a little girl, but we’ve also said that if we only had girls, we’d be completely happy 🙂  Ever since we had Malia, she has made us so incredibly happy to have a sweet little girl.  We have more days like this where she plays with crowns and dolls…okay, I know I’m the one with the crown on…


but she’s also a tomboy and loves playing with her tools, balls, and trains.  We just feel so lucky to have a healthy child!


I’m still having some aversions to foods, like garlic and onions, although it’s definitely improving since the first trimester.  I’m getting more veggies into my diet, and am even excited to eat a salad tonight since we bought my new favorite salad dressing!  Sleep has been much better too…I think the reflux really disturbed my sleep in the first trimester.  All in all, things are looking up, and now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m hoping to take Malia and Kona for afternoon walks so we can all get some fresh air and exercise!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!


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