Welcome to My Healthy ‘Ohana

For years, I’ve been enjoying reading blogs about fitness, food, books, restaurant reviews, traveling, and family.  I’m so excited to be starting a blog of my own and sharing a little bit of our life as a crazy, fun-loving family! I’m Maura, and the handsome guy next to me is my husband, Patrick 🙂  This is a picture of us on a day trip we took to Death Valley, CA this weekend.  We live in Las Vegas, and the road trip there only took us 3.5 hours.  I couldn’t believe how diverse the landscape was in Death Valley!  I imagined a barren desert, but instead we saw views like this one of beautiful mountains with trees and snow on a hike to Telescope Peak…sand dunes…

the lowest point in the United States: Badwater Basin in the background (282 ft below sea level)…and these gorgeous views.  My brother-in-law thought this looked like Pride Rock 🙂

It was a great trip!  We had originally intended to hike to the top of Telescope Peak, where you have views of both Badwater Basin (the lowest point in the US) and Mt Whitney (the highest point in the contiguous US at an elevation of over 14,500 feet), but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it.  I’m 16 weeks pregnant with our second child and having some issues with low blood pressure, so sadly once we reached an elevation of about 9,000 feet, I was feeling pretty dizzy and nauseated and had to call it quits.  It was still a lovely hike and I’m so glad to have visited Death Valley, in March, and not July, (the highest temperature in the Western hemisphere was recorded here at 134 degrees F!) I had some dried apricots and tortillas with cheese (my pregnancy go to food of choice) while we were out hiking, but we were all starving by the time we got back to Vegas.  So, we treated ourselves to In n Out burgers…so yummy!

I get mine with their secret sauce on the side so I can control how much goes on there, and have a little extra for my fries of course.  Patrick had a Double-Double (two patties), my brother-in-law had the 3×3 (three patties, whoa), although he did talk himself down from a 4×4!  The hamburger or cheeseburger is the perfect size for me, the patty is not that big so it doesn’t make you feel totally weighed down, and the other ingredients are so fresh.  You can even watch them cutting their own potatoes for their fries.  It’s still a treat for every now and then, but definitely worth it! Have any of you been to Death Valley before? If you live close to an In n Out, how do you like your burger?


3 thoughts on “Welcome to My Healthy ‘Ohana

  1. So you had to put a picture of the burger? JK… blogs with pics are so much better than those without. My mouth is so watery right now! If you’re lucky enough to get a burger here, it’ll come with the fries smashed in between the meat and the bun… you know, so it’s healthier. 🙂 I miss In-N-Out so much! I prefer a classic cheeseburger. I’ll have to order the sauce on the side next time. Good tip!

    • I think I might actually like the fries smashed into the burger! We loved this place called Greek Lady in Philly…they would always put fries into the gyro and I loved it 🙂

      I owe you an In N Out burger the next time I see you!

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