Pregnancy update – 16 weeks


I’ve been wearing maternity pants since about 11 weeks (I don’t like wearing tight clothing), and now that I’m at 16 weeks, I am definitely sporting a baby bump.  I’m at the awkward stage where it looks like I’m just gaining weight and not obviously pregnant, but I’m very proud of my little baby bump and all the changes my body is going through 🙂


I just ordered a bunch of summer maternity clothes from Old Navy and am excited for them to arrive in the mail!  With my first pregnancy, I delivered in January on the east coast, so my maternity clothing needs are different this time around…I will be quite large when it is nearing 100 degrees here in Vegas, so I ordered a couple of shorts/skirts/dresses and light tops.  The only thing I need is a formal dress for two weddings this summer.

The biggest development of this week happened yesterday afternoon…I am starting to feel little kicks and movements!  It is very difficult to describe what it feels like, but I can’t deny that there are little movements going on in there.  With Malia, I didn’t feel them until around 20 weeks, probably because I didn’t know what to expect.  It is definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.  There is nothing more amazing than feeling your little one moving around inside, letting you know he/she is in there!  Malia was quite the kicker, she used to kick back if I put my hand on my abdomen and liked to roll around in there, until there was no more room to roll 🙂  I can’t wait to see what this little one will be like as the pregnancy progresses!


I am loving daylight savings time this year!  This little one is always ready to play!  Malia doesn’t wake up from her nap until 4:30-5 pm, and usually it is starting to get dark already.  But now we have an extra couple hours to play outside, especially since the weather is in the mid-70s in Vegas right now.  We’re off to the farmers market to pick up some vegetables for tonight’s dinner and some playtime at the park.  Happy Tuesday!

Do you like/dislike daylight savings time?

For those of you who know maternity clothes, any recommendations for summer wedding dresses?

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